Kristīne Opolais in Kaunas

Under the baton of Constantine Orbelian we experience a concert in the magnificent Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Kaunas, Lithuania, which could not be more festive. Latvian soprano Kristīne Opolais is the evening’s star soloist and performs highlights from her secular and sacred repertoire. At her side we experience the outstanding Armenian tenor Liparit Avetisyan. The Kaunas State Choir and the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra are enchanting us.



Soloists: Kristīne Opolais, Liparit Avetisyan
Orchestra: Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra
Choir: Kaunas State Choir
Conductor: Constantine Orbelian
Venue: St. Thomas & Paul Cathedral Kaunas, Lithuania

Director: Tilo Krause
Format: HD
Sound: Stereo + 5.1
Year: 2023